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Ralph Donaldson (Donald) Buckeye was born 26 MAR 1927 in Blue Earth County, Minnesota, the City of Le Seuer. He was the son of Ralph Alexander Buckeye and Lydia Mae (Mae) Donaldson. Ralph was born 6 Jun 1896 and died in November of 1972 in Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota. Mae was born

Ralph Donaldson always went by the name Donald, or Don, and after naming his first son, Ralph Daniel, he always called him Daniel, or Dan. Dan followed suit, calling his first son, Ralph David and he has always been called David. Dan's second son, he named Danny. Dan was born of Don's first wife, Le Juene (June) De Mere, and there were two sisters, Kathleen andChristine, also from that marriage. Don later married Betty Jean Sullenger, and they had three more kids; Donna Jean, Steven Mitchell and Linda Kay. Betty's daughter Laura was also raised by Don and Betty and Dan stayed with Donald, but the two older girls were raised by June and her new husband. Don died on 19 OCT 1984 from complications suffered after surgery to repair his lungs caused by a rare form of Tuberculosis, at the age of 57. He is buried in Glendale, Arizona.

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Ralph Donaldson Buckeye Family

Children of Ralph Donaldson and June (De Mere) Buckeye

Kathleen Buckeye b. M. Bill ??, Divorced, M. ??
Christine Buckeye B. M. Phil Goss
Ralph Daniel Buckeye b. M. 1.) Janice Jackson
M. 2.) Marilyn French
M. 3.) Sandi ??
M. 4.) Marsha ??

Children of Ralph Donaldson and Betty (Sullenger) Buckeye

Donna Jean Buckeye B. 30 October 1953 in Le Seuer, Minnesota M. Rick Northup; 10/04/1969 at home in Mount Lake Terrace, Wa.
Steven Buckeye B. M.
Linda Buckeye B. M. Scott Rogers